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Dog Behaviour Consultations


What types of unwanted behaviours can we help manage?

In a behaviour consultation we will work with you one-to-one. The aim is to understand why your dog is behaving as he is. This will enable us to develop a tailored behaviour modification programme that fits the needs of both you and your dog.

Some of the more common behaviours that we see are listed here, however we can also help with many other problems not mentioned below.

  • Anxiety / destructive behaviour when left alone
  • Inappropriate toileting and house-training problems
  • Excessive barking or whining
  • Jumping up on visitors / strangers
  • Chasing joggers, cyclists or cars
  • Chasing livestock and other animals
  • Stealing food or other items
  • Aggression towards other dogs or people
  • Fears, phobias and anxieties
  • Obsessive / compulsive behaviours

How do I arrange a behaviour consultation?
If you feel you and your dog could benefit from a consultation then give us a call. We will discuss the problem with you over the phone so that we can be sure that we can help you. This will also give you the chance to ask any questions you may have and to find out more about us. If you then wish to proceed further we will ask you to take your dog to your vet for a full health check. This is to ensure that any possible medical causes for your dog’s behaviour can be ruled out or treated before starting a behavioural programme. Once your dog has had a full check-up, your vet will then refer you to us for a consultation.

How long will the consultation take?
A consultation will last about 2 hours. This will allow us enough time to understand fully what is causing your dog’s behaviour and to put together a tailored programme to improve it. We will spend time explaining the programme to you and taking you through any practical aspects of it so that you are confident to carry them out when you leave the consultation and go home.

Where will the consultation take place?
As most unwanted behaviours take place in or around the home, it is best for the consultation to take place in your home. Ideally all family members (including children) should be present for the consultation as everyone in the household will have a part to play in helping improve your dog’s behaviour.

What happens after the consultation?
A full written report of the consultation will follow by post or email a few days later.
After the consultation you should expect to spend at least 10-15 minutes per day working with the dog for a few weeks or months following the consultation. The length of time necessary will however vary from dog to dog depending on the type of behaviour problem. If the unwanted behaviour has been present for a period of months of years it will usually take longer to improve than if it has just appeared in the last few weeks.

Ongoing support will be available to all clients. Usually we will call you one week after the consultation and then again after a month. These phone calls will allow you to ask any questions that may have arisen since the consultation and to get advice on any issues that you may be having with the behaviour modification programme. Aside from these pre-planned follow-up phone calls, you can call us at any time if you have questions or concerns about the programme or your dog’s behaviour.

In certain cases, it may be beneficial to arrange follow-up home visits. The number of visits necessary will depend on the type of behaviour problem.

How much does it cost?
Many pet insurance companies will cover the cost of a behavioural consultation as long as you have been referred by a vet. (SEE PRICE BELOW).

The fee is fully inclusive of all the following elements:

  • Introductory phone call.
  • Initial 2 hour consultation.
  • Travel costs within a 15 mile radius of Kensworth, Bedfordshire.
  • Written summary of the consultation and the recommendations.
  • Follow-up phone support after the consultation.

The fully inclusive cost of all the elements listed above will be £125.

Follow-up Home visits will be charged at £45 per hour.