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Prepare Your Dog for a New Baby


Are you expecting a baby? If so you will probably be busy preparing yourself and your house for the arrival. But have you thought about how your dog will react to a new baby?

Dogs will usually learn to live very happily with a new baby but the arrival of one can be quite stressful for them. Just as your routine and lifestyle will be changed by the birth of your first child so will your dog’s. You may have less time to spend with your dog and he will have to get used to sharing you with someone else. He will also need to learn how to behave appropriately with the baby in order to keep them both safe.

With just a small amount of preparation prior to the birth, you can go a long way towards preparing your dog for the baby’s birth. We can help you with this. We will come to your home, discuss some simple ways to prepare your dog and help you with any specific concerns that you may have about your dog’s behaviour.

The visit will usually last one hour but can be longer if requested. It will be charged at £45 per hour. (Travel costs may apply in some cases).