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We have thoroughly enjoyed our puppy course and look forward to Improvers. The trainers Heather and Karen are just great!!

Thank you so much

Hello Heather

I have finally got round to writing to you to thank you from all of us (Jaz, Bentley and me) for the expert help you gave in what at first was a major challenge on my part. There were times that I wondered why I have done this, but because I loved the dogs I continued.  Your understanding advice and calm manner got me through the early stages of training. I have learnt a lot from you and have put your methods into practice as far as I can.  Although there is a long way still to go, I have two beautiful dogs. Thanks once again for everything and hope to see you in the near future for a top up.


Just wanted to say that after being a bit worried about it, I really enjoyed last night and I think Millie did too. We’re already looking forward to next week.


We have thoroughly enjoyed our classes and are really pleased with the way Ralph is turning out. Thank you for all your time and advice.


Many thanks we really enjoyed your visit and we all very much enthused with the programme - even Lollie! Will be in touch with progress reports once the heatwave passes


Hi Clare

Thank you so much for your visit and all the info. I found the visit very much worthwhile. We will be picking up Coco on Thursday and we are all very excited.


... Your advice on introducing the cat and the puppy worked wonders. Polly and Simba now play together and Simba actually comes to seek Polly out!

Thank you!

Thank you for coming over today in the bad weather. I feel a lot more confident and relaxed now that you have been. Really looking forward to next Friday now!


Hi Clare

I just wanted to say thanks very much for all the help and advice you have given. All the courses we have been on have been really enjoyable and informative and we have learnt a lot.

We all hope you have an enjoyable Christmas and best wishes for .
Kind Regards

Hi Clare
I just wanted to say that the harness is working really well and she is not pulling at all and then by extension, she seems to not be as stressed as a consequence. She still barks at random objects etc. but I am practicing the relaxation circles and she is responding. By not strangling herself she calms down quicker.  I am taking her out on her own as much as possible! I really want to get good results.:)
Thanks again

Hi Clare,

Thanks so much for all your help so far; Gigi is enjoying the sessions so much and training is her favourite part of any day now! The difference in her towards other dogs is amazing; before training she wouldn't go near another dog and now she has twenty plus regular friends. Even her friends’ owners say how different she is and I couldn't be more pleased for her. Cannot thank you enough.

See you next week,

Thanks for the lesson this morning.  Brandy had a great time and slept most of the afternoon. We look forward to our lesson next week.

Take care


We are very grateful to you. Although Alfie will never be an obedience champion, nor we champion owners, we have learnt a lot from you and as first time owners we have found it very valuable.

We will certainly be in touch again if we need more help in future.

All good wishes

Jill and Adam

Thanks Clare very much - really enjoyed the training last night and look forward to next week.


Hello Clare

Just to say thanks for a great puppy training course. Steve has enjoyed coming along the last couple of weeks with Lady whilst I have been out of action.


Just wanted to give you an update on Kiki - she's doing brilliantly and Alison is very, very happy with her at the moment.  The walks are getting longer and longer, and she’s recalling fairly often when I try. She adores her stuffed rabbit toy! I have let her off the lead a few times, but still not quite there yet.


Dear Clare,

I thought you might like an update on Brandy.  The main problem which you addressed was one of food guarding, and after implementing your training programme she became as good as gold.  I can add food to her bowl, take her bowl away when she is eating, take food (like pig's ears) from her mouth, handle her without complaint, and so on.  She will drop and leave items including food on command, and now responds to a dozen different commands.  The training continues.  Brandy is good-natured towards both dogs and people and has grown into a lovely 15-month-old Golden Retriever.  You helped us develop her into a wonderful pet – loved by everyone - and I would like to thank you for that.

With kind regards,

Dear Clare

Thank you so much for the lessons - and all you have done to help Archie progress and develop into such a lovely puppy (even if he still a bit barmy!).
Viv, Stuart and Archie

Hi Clare

We are making good progress with Rolo. I am now walking him every day and we are both happy with the Gentle Leader. Clicker training is coming on well too although he is not that attentive if there are any distractions, but it's still early days yet so we will continue with that. He seems happier with people calling at the house. We are doing the no eye contact and down at his level which seems to be working well.

All in all though, I do feel we are making good progress. The exercise alone is helping and clicker training is focusing him mentally. He is becoming more obedient slowly.

Thanks for the help.

Hi Clare

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and wish you a happy new year. Following our one to one session, I feel much more confident with Saffie. She is blossoming into a wonderful dog with a great personality and a maturity that feels older then her 5 months. You were right about her confidence with other dogs, she knows instinctively when to be cautious and when it’s ok to be a little bolder and play.

I have recommended you to my neighbour who has a puppy and is looking for some advice and training, I will of course, call on you if I need advice in the future.

Many thanks again

Hi Clare
Just wanted to thank you for all your help so far.

The recall is much better and I feel a lot more confident handling Oscar. The "heel" work continues and is slowly sinking in - the trouble is I'm not the only person who walks him so he doesn't always get the consistency needed but we are getting there!

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Christmas and New Year!

Best wishes.

Dear Clare

Thank you very much for the training for me and Poppy. We have gained a great deal from all of your hard work and professionalism.

Many thanks

Dear Clare

Many thanks for your help – Ben’s recall is improving already!


Many thanks Clare,

We're really enjoying the classes - Millie was shattered last night, but recovered to play with all her friends on the common this morning!...


Hello Clare

Just to let you know, myself and the two children really enjoyed the classes and got lots of ideas and have managed to continue the training, so Buddy even shakes hands on demand now (a little something the children wanted to teach him!!). Thanks for the lessons - they were a great start for Buddy's training.



Thank you for so much for your advice. Jazz is a much happier dog now.



Informal and a really positive environment. It is a pleasure to have discovered The Family Dog!


Classes were clear & concise - easy to understand.

We all loved it!


Hi Clare

Thanks for coming out to see Bosch & I on Monday. We find your visits VERY helpful. You seem to explain things in a way I understand & whatever advice you give me always works! Bosch has been practicing his 'look at me' command. Now when I hold the treat out to the side he only looks at it for a split second then he looks straight at me. Towards the end of our last training session he wasn't even looking at the treat, he kept his eyes on me.

Thanks again for all your help.


I have really enjoyed the last 6 weeks and Todd is so excited to come to puppy classes. I have seen a big improvement in his obedience and the socialisation with other dogs has been fantastic.

We really enjoyed the course - clear instructions and a small group size. Looking forward to the Improvers classes!

Hi Clare,
Thank you so much for our session today. You have given me a lot to think about and it feels good having a plan for recall training. I particularly feel that my awareness of my own behaviour has increased a great deal.

Best regards

Hi Clare

Rebel is doing really well now thanks to you!!  He comes when called first time, unless he sees the famous squirrel.  He has played with quite a few dogs now, large and small, and while he is still fairly unsociable, there doesn't seem to be any aggression and certainly no pinning small dogs to the ground.  Yay!!  He still has issues with dogs if they mount him but maybe that is not too bad because he can be called away without too much difficulty.
Looking forward to more training.
Regards, Claire

Excellent class. Will be back for more for sure!
Thank you so much.


The course has been great fun for both of us and has taught Berkeley a lot.


Hi Clare

Thanks so much for the one-to-one training sessions with our crazy Goldendoodle - Carlton. Your calm and consistent approach was perfect, plus we all had fun!

Our needs were around skills such as recall, lead walking, commands and general typical 7 month old puppy behaviour issues We have noticed a definite improvement in our furry rascal and are determined to continue with your methods.

Thanks again for all your help and we look forward to joining you at one of your group classes soon. Who knows, perhaps Carlton will be the first skateboarding dog in Redbourn!!

Sian & Darren

…Could I take this opportunity to thank you for your help. I will have no hesitation in regards to recommending you to friends and family.
Thank you once again.


Hi Clare

I just wanted to say thanks again for all your help with Milly. Having never had dogs before, I don’t think we knew quite what we were letting ourselves in for when we got a new puppy. With your help, I’m glad to say that Milly is now fully housetrained (well, she hasn’t had an accident for a week now so keep fingers crossed!) and she seems to have learnt to chew on her toys rather than the furniture. She is also doing really well out on walks, coming when she is called and not pulling too much on the lead. She’s still only little so she’s obviously not perfect but we feel we’ve made a great start.

Many thanks!
Susie & John.

Oureighteen month old Rottweiler,Natty, had a very bad experience during a walk and afterwards was very frightened of passing vehicles, particularly in the wet. She was so frightened that she would hide when we got her lead or even put on our shoes to go out. If we did get her out of the house she would shake with fear and foam at the mouth.

Clare came to visit usand could see how frightened Natty was, even at our own front door with Clare's car on the drive. Within a monthusing clicker training and treats Natty is now able to go to the end of the road where it is busy with cars and has been out for a few walks. Although sheis not happy with passing vehicles, shetolerates the cars until we arein the country fields. It has been hard work getting to this stage but Iam very happy with the results so far.I think without Clare’s advice and understanding of the problem we would havethe dog bouncing off the walls where she would not leave the house.Thank you, Clare!

Karen & Family

A few months ago, our 8 month old puggle (pug/beagle) thought that "come" meant look at me strangely then run in the opposite direction! He was very inattentive and I didn't think it would ever change. I stopped walking him in the local park because it just wasn't enjoyable.

Clare has provided me with the knowledge and enthusiasm to persist with the training. She is the perfect trainer for me. Firm but not too firm, encouraging and fun to be around. Looking at him today in our session he seemed like a different dog. "Come" means look at me and leg it over -Hurrah! I can also tell now that he really enjoys our walks and doesn't feel so much need to seek his own fun but running off. It feels great!

Thank you so much.
Sarah & Jho

Hi Clare

Both dogs have improved, and Amber definitely calms down much more quickly when we get in!

Jake is still not very happy being groomed, but I am managing to get further under his tummy now! I had to trim his face the other day, and he soon worked out that if he sat still he got a click and a treat, and it made trimming his face much easier and quicker!

They have been much better with the house training, and we haven't had any puddles for a while! Fingers crossed that they have got that one sussed!

Kind Regards


Hi Clare

I very much appreciated your visit last week to see myself and Meg. It was really helpful to receive constructive suggestions to help overcome Meg's dog to dog aggression. I was very impressed by your calm, common sense approach (and Meg loved the sausages!). I have no hesitation in recommending you to other people. I truly hope your business does well in this area.

Hope you've enjoyed your holiday.

Kind regards,
Annie (and Meg)

Dear Clare

Thank you so much for coming down to us in Hove yesterday, it was a pleasure to meet you. Mark and I both feel more positive now about things and feel we have a really good training programme that will bring only positive changes to Mavis! She has already shown great skill in the Leave it exercise!

Anyway, we both thought you were really easy to understand, and felt that finally someone had made us see what it was we needed to do- it all seemed so complicated before, but now we can see it is possible to make just a few changes to make a big difference. As the training commences and goes on, I will let you know if I have any follow up questions, but I just wanted to say Thank you again!

Very best

We have an 18 month old West Highland Terrier called Snoop. She developed Legge Perthes at around 7 months and had a serious operation to correct this. Obviously this meant that she couldn't go outdoors for a long while and due to this her anxiety grew and became defensive of our Home and fearful of strangers. She also had to go to hydro-therapy for 10 weeks and although this helped her start to reuse her leg, her behaviour got steadily worse.

Since Christmas she had been a nightmare, pulling frantically on her lead, barking and snarling at children and adults alike, chasing bikes prams and children on scooters. She even had incidents of pulling children's trouser legs! Enough was enough!! Clare came to visit and suggested a reward-based training with a clicker - we had done clicker puppy training previously.

We worked very hard on rewarding her for walking as close to heel as possible and not reacting in a negative way to strangers. We also asked people on the street to give her treats. (This was mostly done by people in the park who owned dogs themselves!!) She is now allowing a lot more people to touch her and play with her when we are out. We are still working on the chasing bikes, but we'll get there.

We have to see how this goes, but feeling quite optimistic!

Claire & family

Hi Clare

Thanks for your time on Monday - we really appreciate you coming over in the evening. It was really good to hear that Rocks isn't anywhere near as bad as some other dogs who don't like being left.

We're now leaving her the run of the kitchen and kids lounge, and she can go upstairs if she wants but all the doors are shut up there. The bone from the butchers and the pyramid seem to show on video that she's pretty well occupied for the 2-3 hours that she is left on her own.

When we leave the house (without making a fuss of her), she does look through the window - but instead of staring until she can't see us any more, she just has a look, and then gets down and presumably goes back to what she was doing before.

Even the wees are getting better, she seems to be holding it better, as we haven't had any accidents for the last two days. A treat is definitely her motivation. She's now does "down" immediately, we're still giving her treats with it, but next week may start weaning off the treats.

I'm sure we'll need to call you, but in the meantime, thanks again.

Rachel & Kevin, Stacey, Craig and Tom

We have a 2.5 year old Jack Russell who, having been spayed, had calmed down a lot but we were still having problems with her and her interaction with other dogs especially.She would get really stressed, barking and snarling when other dogs approached her.

Clare came to us for a consultation and showed me how I could begin to let our dog concentrate on me rather than the other dogs when we are out in public. She showed me how to use the clicker and after a while our dog got the hang of it.

We are really pleased with Sabi's progress and she really does react to the clicker now which really helps when I am out walking her, especially with the children.
Clare is a total professional and is a clear teacher and explains the process through well.


I consulted Clare because I had problems with my10 month old maleWestie, Zak'srecall, walkingto heeland destructive behaviour when left alone. I found her interested, sympathetic and her adviceinvaluable. Even though I have had dogs before,shepointed out things I would never have thought of and showed me ways of interacting with him, getting him to dowhat I wanted, not what he wanted, but at the same time making it fun for him. He seems to have gained confidence (and so have I!) and in onlyfour weeks and one consultation, Ihave huge improvement in his behaviour. He now comes back when called, even when playing withother dogs. He's stopped chewing in the house as shesuggested leaving him an interesting toy containing hidden tit-bits (and also helpfully suggested which toys to buy), and walks to heel when required. Iwas very impressedby Clare and have no hesitation in recommending her.


Weasked Clare Lang to help us recently with some behaviour issues we were having with our 12 month old male standard poodle, Hogan. In particular we asked Clare to help with Hogan's tendency to chase after runners and cyclists when off the lead and also to improve his recall response. Clare provided us with some simple training tips whichare designed to encourage Hogan to respond to the "leave it" and "come" commands even when his attention is diverted.Clare provided a range of tips which could be used both in the garden and also on longer walks in open spaces such as our local woods. Clare made sure that Hogan was fully engaged throughout the training and that he was having fun. So far we are very pleased with the improvements in Hogan's behaviour. He is now responding much more positively to standard commands and we intend to continue with the training regime to achieve further improvements. We are more than happy to recommend Clare to anyone interested in learning how to improve their dog’s behaviour.

Gill & Ronn